Living life by design or default

change Sep 22, 2020

Do you live your life by design or by default?
Traditionally a large portion of society live their life by default. Quite often we are encouraged to finish school, get a tertiary education,maybe travel and have a gap year, or not.We then get a good job that pays. We find the love of our life and settle down, and for some of us, we have children and sadly some cannot. 

And then we live a happy and fulfilled life, right? Yeah right.
That’s not true for everyone is it? 

How much time do people spend deciding what qualification they're going to study? Now think about how much time they spend planning their wedding… You know that because of all the time and effort they put in, that their wedding day is going to be absolutely amazing. 

They spend hours and hours and trawl through magazines and visit different events and there's a lot of time effort and energy that goes into planning that wedding. But when it comes to your life and what you want to achieve while...

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