Hello! I'm Hana

I'm excited you are here checking out what I do!  I am super passionate about coaching women to claim back their inner power and bring back balance in the world.

I see all my clients via zoom, although I'm based in Wellington, NZ.

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Hello! I'm Hana

I'm excited you are here checking out what I do!  I am super passionate about coaching women to claim back their inner power and bring back balance in the world.

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1:1 Coaching | Hypnotherapy | NLP


Are you ready to kick your goals personally or professionally to achieve your dreams?  Is self-sabotage or imposter syndrome getting in your way, or is it that feeling or sense of not being enough?  Perhaps you know what you want and are struggling with the "How" to get there?

You are probably looking for support to build your confidence, know you're enough, worthy enough, or even learn skills to manage stress, anxiety, and/or overwhelm.  You may even want to focus on creating a winning mindset for your career or business.

It doesn't matter what your challenge is I have a variety of powerful methods and techniques that will have you stepping back into your own power in no time.  You'll feel empowered, grounded, and strong in who you are.  Let me help you reclaim back your inner power.

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Flab to Fab


Are you ready to lose those unwanted kilos and move from Flab to Fab?  I bet you've tried everything with limited success.

I have been on a similar personal journey and lost 30+kgs the hard way.  I totally get where you are eating your emotions, struggling to give up that kryptonite food that calls your name.

I've got a variety of proven techniques to help you achieve your goal weight without dieting, taking pills, or going on some fad diet that doesn't work.  I'm all about ease and sustainability, this is a life skill program.

Weight loss is simple and easy when you know how, and have the mindset of a slim thinking women!.



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Break out - Procrastination Jail


Are you feeling frustrated, you have these goals to achieve but find yourself doing anything but what is going to move you closer to achieving success, whatever that looks like for you?

How would life be if you have focus and determination to push through those challenging or difficult moments to come out the other side having achieved your goals and feeling fabulous?

Getting out of procrastination is easier than you think, all you need is the right recipe!  That's where I come in, I'll help you identify the key ingredients you need to whip up some kick-ass magic that enables you to focus and let's be honest to get shit done without all the damn avoidance and/or questioning around should I... (fill in the blanks) and wasting time.


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I thought I was signing up for a weight loss programme to help be a fix to a lifetime of struggles. What I learnt is that I needed to let go of previous mental loads. Through the work with Hana and her support and care I was able to make massive shifts mentally. My confidence has grown, I've stopped comparing myself to others. I trust myself and know my worth. I have really appreciated her style. 

I think your time and what you offer is great value for money.


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Hana, I wanted to take this opportunity to say a massive thank you for all your help and support over the past few months, I’m so grateful you were recommended to me by a colleague. I previously suffered a lack of confidence and self-worth and carried around emotional baggage from the past. After 8 sessions I have let go of the emotions I was holding onto, I am confident, putting myself first and creating healthy boundaries. I will no doubt see you in the future for a ‘top-up session’, however at the moment I am moving forward, I am strong and able to face any situation head-on!!! 



Badass Burnout to Blissed Out
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Get the "F" off Burnout Island


Ditch the BS, it is time to get real and make a plan to land on Blissed Out Island.

Nobody should have to live a life that is sucking the soul out of them.

Do you wake up thinking what the hell happened?  This isn’t the life I’d planned, how on earth did I even end up on burnout island and where the heck is the next flight outta here?

It sounds mundane and waffly, doesn’t it?  Find yourself… oh PLEASE!  Bit#h be grateful, you’ve got the power, and have choices!

And that is where I was at, life felt to fricken hard, I was exhausted, frustrated, pissed off, struggled to deliver on normal tasks I used to nail.  My health took a dive, which impacted my family, my work, and earning potential.  My perfectionistic view of life felt totally f’d up!


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