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You’re a leader or entrepreneur ready to reinvent yourself

But did you know you can start today? Right now?

Ditch the BS and build your best life


Change your life, and do it today. (Because you’ve had enough of putting shiz off until the ‘tomorrow’ that never comes.) 

‘Build your best life’. Sounds cheesy, right? Maybe it is, a bit. Doesn’t really matter, coz it’s true. Cliches, as often as they make you eye-roll, often are laden with truth. 

Here’s another: the only person getting in your way is you. 

But not today. Because you’ve been considering heading down a new pathway, wondering where your career can take you next, or struggling with burnout. And ‘struggling’ with burnout is a big, fat understatement. 

The fact is, there are things you can do right now to take the first step towards living a fulfilling, empowered, stress-free life. You’re already doing one. Because – no accidents – you’re already here. 

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Not sure where to start... try here

Courses and Programs for women in leadership and entrepreneurs


1:1 Coaching


When we work together, first we’ll dig around a bit, understand where you're at right now, figure out where you’d like to be in the future, and develop a plan to get you there. Using hypnotherapy and NLP (and all the other tools I’ve collected in my trusty toolbox over the last couple of decades) to bust down the barriers in your way, it’s all totally customised to you. 

Let’s get to know each other, so you can get on your way.

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Burnout and BS Busting Courses


Take your pick from my range of courses, including Get The F off Burnout Island, Kick Anxiety’s Arse, and Emotional Emancipation. Whether you’re feeling stressed, worn out, overwhelmed, or emotionally frazzled, I’ve got something to suit your needs.

Come away with a set of tools you can use daily, plus a plan to move you forward. 

🔥 You need the Burnout Blasting Course

🔥 You need the Anti-anxiety Course

🔥 You need Emotional Emancipation



Free Discovery Call


Look, I get you. Even considering *what* to do about how you’re feeling at the moment can be overwhelming enough. Just the simple fact you got to this part of the page probably means you’ve shifted some emotional mountains to manage to not give up, click away, and continue doing things you’ve always done them.

(Even though you know that’s no longer working for you!) If you’re at burnout capacity, making a decision feels like a marathon. I’ll make it easier.

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Hana’s programme has transformed my life in ways I never could have imagined, let alone expected. Working with Hana helped me address burnout and I ended up working through trauma and experiencing deep healing and a sense of inner peace that I didn’t know existed.


Want a bit of an idea how it’s all going to work?


Whichever pathway you choose to work with me, whether you are in leadership or an entrepreneur, you will ultimately:

  • feel empowered to live life on your terms
  • reconnect with your true-self (remember her? No? We’ll find her again)
  • have upgraded your mindset
  • have a new set of 'life' skills, tools, and techniques you can overlay on any issue that crops up – now or after we’ve done the work
  • be able to ditch the baggage and be focused on where you are heading - the future, your future

Working with Hana

A Whirlwind Adventure in 3 Simple Steps!

Book in a Time to Chat – Let’s set the wheels in motion

Picture this: You're sipping your favourite cup of coffee, enjoying the cozy comfort of your workspace, and you think to yourself, "I need someone amazing to help me achieve my goals." Well, look no further! Working with Hana is a breeze. Just book in a time to chat, and we'll dive into the exciting world of possibilities.

During our chat, we'll have a friendly tête-à-tête about what you want to achieve. From your wildest dreams to your grandest ambitions, spill the beans, and let's conjure up some magic together. Hana is all ears, ready to absorb your ideas, hopes, and aspirations.

Hana's Thoughts - Let the Brainstorming Begin!

After our chat, Hana's brain goes into overdrive. Ideas start swirling, and solutions start to take shape that are specifically suited to your needs. Hana's expertise and creative prowess will be put to work, as she meticulously crafts the recommended path for you to travel.

Get ready for a mind-blowing revelation! Hana will unleash her wisdom, guiding you through the labyrinth of possibilities. With her insights, you'll discover new approaches, hidden gems, and exciting avenues that you may have never considered before. Brace yourself for a journey of epic proportions!

Lock in a Date - Let's Get The Ball Rolling!

It's decision time, my friend. After the exhilarating brainstorming session, it's time to seal the deal. We'll lock in a day and time to embark on this adventure together. Whether it's a cupcake-filled Monday or a fabulous Friday, we'll find a slot that suits you best.

And voila! With a few clicks and a sprinkle of digital magic, you'll be on your way to achieving greatness. Couldn't be easier than that! Get ready to conquer the world with Hana by your side.

So, what are you waiting for? Let's make your dreams a reality! Book a time to chat with Hana today, and let the extraordinary journey begin!

Your insight, skill and unconditional caring nature has made this turbulent time so much easier to manage. I can't thank you enough for your knowledge, guidance and expertise.


If you’re not sure which option is best for you, let’s have a quick chat. At the end of the discussion I will have a good idea of what support you need to build your best life.

Whether it's: 

⛔️ getting rid of that shitty feeling of “I'm not good enough, smart enough, worthy enough…” 

⛔️ letting go of perfectionism, procrastination 

⛔️ managing stress/overwhelm, anxiety 

⛔️ upgrading old habits and behaviours 

⛔️ developing a business mindset

I'll recommend the best approach for you, and how long it will take you to achieve your desired goal/outcome. And I’ll use the techniques and approaches that suit you best. 

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If you’re ready to entrust me with guiding you through whatever stage of life, I’m ready to be your unwavering supporter. My commitments to you are:

💕 I'll be your biggest champion 

💕 Provide you with a safe space to just be you 

💕 Everything I do comes from a place of integrity 

💕 Cultivate a safe learning environment 

💕 We'll have fun along the way! 

And now, it's up to you! The power is yours: take action, or do nothing and stay exactly where you are. 

I think I know which option you’ll pick. 

Get in touch today!

Book your free 30 minutes with me. 
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