Emotional Release Weight Loss with (or without) Virtual Gastric Band

Welcome to a revolutionary approach to weight management that goes beyond just dieting. Dive deep, release emotional baggage, and emerge with a renewed sense of control over your well-being.

Your transformation awaits!


Many of my clients eat well and stay active, but they can't seem to lose weight. It's often due to emotions, past events, or deep-seated issues.


They're really tired of it and want a change.

Most clients are  frustrated and have just had enough!

Women looking in mirror - Hypnotherapy Weight Loss

Does this sound like you?

  • Tried every diet there is and nothing ever worked - feeling over it, fed up, and a bit of a failure.
  • You see others losing weight and yet you aren't.
  • Know what you need to do but you just can't do it.
  • Perhaps you're good for a couple of days or weeks, but then life gets crazy and you go back to your old ingrained habits.
  • You feel like you just don't have enough will power or strength to get to your goal weight.

Well it doesn't have to be that way, hundreds of people globally have found Hypnotherapy to work wonders for weight loss, and if they can do it - so can you!


Key Benefits of the Emotional Release Package

Feel Full Again

Reconnect with your natural hunger cues

Stop Emotional Eating

Reclaim control from cravings

Release the Diet Mindset

Celebrate freedom from restrictive thinking.

Dive Deeper

Address the root causes of weight gain.

Feel Confident

Embrace a more positive body image.

Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis

Experience a novel method in weight management.

The Emotional Release program provides you with:

Group Sessions

5 x Private Sessions with Hana

(Either in person if you live in Kapiti or via zoom)











A Hypnotherapy App

Access to my exclusive Hypnotherapy App - it's loaded with Weight Management and Mindset recordings to keep you on track.

It's time to Transform  YOU!

Hundreds have already found success and reclaimed their confidence with the Emotional Release Weight Loss program.

Now, it's your turn!

hana Zawodny Hypnotherapist leaning on desk smiling

Why This Approach?

I've seen countless individuals who maintain a healthy lifestyle but struggle with shedding weight. The culprits? Often unseen emotional burdens, traumas, or simply being stuck in a vicious cycle. My approach helps you understand what's truly going on, working from the inside out.

Not Just Another Diet

This program isn't about imposing restrictions. It’s about clearing the underlying hurdles that make weight management tough.

It’s also NOT a diet, although I do have healthy guidelines for you to follow!

Hypnosis reduces your food intake, and supports you to make healthier choices that support your choice of being a happy, healthy weight for you.

Clearing out all the ‘stuff’ that's going on underneath makes losing weight so much easier.

I’m also not going to tell you exactly what to eat, because you already know how to make wise choices, it’s just your emotions or nervous system getting in the way of you achieving this.

I totally want you to be able to have one piece of chocolate or a biscuit and enjoy it without experiencing guilt, this is something that my clients absolutely love!! AND they still lose weight!

Flexible Delivery

Whether you're in Kapiti or elsewhere you can have sessions in-person or via Zoom online.


What you get in the -  Emotional Release Package 

Duration of Program

5 x Private sessions with Hana

Techniques Used

Predominantly Advanced Hypnotherapy and a few other modalities like NLP, Coaching, and Energetics (we only used what you are comfortable with) to target emotional reasons behind your weight retention.

What You'll Achieve:

Permanent changes in eating habits, self-perception, and a focus on the future you.


Investing in yourself is the ultimate commitment to yourself.


Yours Today!


One time payment

Your's Today!


Weekly Payment Plan

It’s time to reconnect to the real you, free from emotional burdens, and confidently march towards your goals.    

If you’re ready to embrace the power of Emotional Release Weight Loss today.

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What my clients say...

"I can't believe I had my period last week and for the first time ever I didn't eat chocolate. In fact I didn't even think about it or consider buying any, which is a first for me!"

- Karen G-L

"After a couple of sessions I just decided to quit sugar which I'd been struggling with for months and surprisingly it's been easy"

- Kirsty D

"I never used to have breakfast and skipped meals, now I eat 3 nutritional meals per day, it's made a massive difference to my energy levels"

- Sarah D

"I loved Hana’s warmth and openness, and how she taught me how to adopt new healthy habits that are completely achievable. I’m excited about these new changes and it feels great that life can be fun again! Thanks for all your help, Hana! 

- Vanessa W

Are you ready to ignite your transformation and prove to yourself if others can do it, so can you?