The Dangers of Professional Christmas Anxiety

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What Is Professional Christmas Anxiety?

For many people, the mere occurrence of Christmas is anxiety-provoking in itself. But when you work in a professional environment, those pressures are often magnified.

Tensions seem to run high in the leadup to the Christmas break. There's an intensity from employers to tie up loose ends, complete projects, and a stream of tasks to work through before going on holiday.

It's also a festive time with the additional pressures of morning teas and lunches to fit in, adding to the time pressure.

As an employee, you push yourself to meet unrealistic deadlines, berate yourself for not coping, and dial-up that anxiety in the workplace.

Of course, there are also additional layers of stress to deal with outside the workplace. Before you know it, your heart is racing, and it feels like you can't stop the constant noise whirling around inside your mind.

Rethinking Christmas Anxiety In The Workplace

In the last few years, there has been a shift by many organisations to focus more on wellness and wellbeing. However, the pre-Christmas rush seems to be embedded in many workplace cultures.

But does it really need to be?

As a society, we've been taught to tie up loose ends before the end of the year. While it's a noble concept, do we really need to stress our employees out at all?

Research tells us that stress lowers productivity and morale, resulting in more sick days and higher staff turnover. With just a few tweaks and a mindset change, employers could make life easier for their employees during the festive season. Instead of the pressure, provide them with the space, time, and tools they need to survive this hectic time of year and return to work refreshed and motivated.

How to Release Christmas Anxiety

Whether you are an employer looking for ways to support your employees or need some coping strategies yourself, there are many ways to release anxiety and decrease your stress levels at any time of year.

Let's look at some of the best...

Cultivate Mindfulness

Mindfulness training can reduce stress, help us be more positive, and cope with what life throws our way. Mindfulness is about bringing your attention to the present moment and not worrying about the future or ruminating on the past. If you find yourself carried away by your thoughts, come back to the task at hand and focus on that. Using your breath is also a great way to ground your mind in the present.

Practice Self-Care

This may seem like a no-brainer, but when we feel overwhelmed, we often neglect the most basic of self-care concepts. Ensure you get enough sleep, drink plenty of water, and eat healthily (in moderation, of course – it is Christmas, after all!). Exercise is also a fantastic way to alleviate the triggers for depression and anxiety.

Let Things Go

Will it really be a major drama if you leave a report until next year or put a project on hold? If your to-do list feels overwhelming, ask yourself if every item is that important. What's the worst that can happen if the timeline is extended? Is it truly urgent, or are you putting unnecessary pressure on yourself?

Return To Your Breath

Connecting to your breath is one of the most effective ways of calming your body and mind – and it's completely free. Spare a few minutes several times a day to breath into your belly slowly and deeply for a count of four; hold for a count of four; then exhale slowly to a count of four.

After three or four rounds, your body will be feeling calmer, and you will find there's a little more space in your mind.


Sometimes we need a little help to rein in our thoughts or alter our behavioural patterns. Hypnosis is an excellent way to access your subconscious mind and modify your habits, behaviours or routines. It can help you get out of the stress mindset and assist you to be more productive, motivated, and confident at work, or specifically tackle a fear, phobia or habit you want to drop or improve on!

If the pressure of Professional Christmas Anxiety is starting to build and you are feeling anxious, transformation coaching may just be the thing to help you hit the New Year feeling energised and excited rather than worn out and strung out!

Contact me today to see how I can help support, guide and inspire you to ditch the overwhelm and start the new year in a powerful way.

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