Is Changing Your Job the Solution to Burnout?

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Have you ever felt so overwhelmed by your job that it seems like the only way to escape it is to change your career altogether? Well, you’re not alone. In fact, almost everyone experiences burnout at some point in their careers. But while changing jobs can seem like an attractive solution, it isn’t always the best one. Let’s take a look at why changing jobs might not be the best idea and what else you can do to avoid burnout. 

The “Grass is Always Greener” Syndrome

It can be tempting to assume that switching to a new job will solve all of your problems and make life easier. Unfortunately, this isn’t always true. Most times, the problems that caused you to experience burnout in one job are likely still present in your next job—just with different faces and names attached. This is what many people refer to as the “grass is always greener” syndrome. You think that by switching jobs, things will be better or easier but they usually aren’t!

The Risk of Job Hopping

Changing jobs often comes with risks as well—particularly if you change too frequently. Employers don't always look favourably on someone who changes jobs every few months because they may view it as a sign of instability or lack of commitment. And this could lead them to question whether or not they can trust you with important tasks or projects in their own organisation. Furthermore, frequent job-hopping can also become expensive and impact the number of holidays you can affordably take in a year. 

Better Alternatives than Job-Hopping

Instead of jumping ship every time things get difficult, try exploring some options within your current role first before making any drastic changes. For example, speak with your manager about taking on additional responsibilities or working from home part-time if that's something feasible for both parties involved (and legal). Also consider talking with co-workers about ways to manage stress more effectively or even joining an employee resource group where you can connect with people who have similar interests and experiences as you do! This type of support system can help create a sense of community which leads to increased morale and productivity in the workplace overall - something we all need right now!

Do the Inner Work that you’re avoiding

The reality is when you shine a light on yourself the good, bad and ugly (we’ve all got a mean girl/boy inside of us) it’s fricken uncomfortable.  We don’t like discomfort, so we do our utmost to avoid it by deploying a variety of avoidance strategies.  These strategies can range from working long hours, to over eating, consuming larger quantities of coffee, wine, beer, over exhausting ourselves through binging Netflix and more.  Ladies you also use shopping as a way to self-soothe when life gets tough.  Hey, no judgement here, remember I’ve been where you are.

Burnout can be simply avoided by doing the inner work, that means looking at your habits, behaviours, beliefs and how you show up in your own life. It means changing your inner narrative, focusing on what’s working and being kind and compassionate to yourself.  But for most of us doing this work sounds all too hard, so we jump from one job to another and wonder why Burnout is following us around like a bad smell.

Reality is burnout happens—it's just part of life. But instead of running away from it by jumping into another job without really thinking through the consequences, try exploring options within your current role first before making any drastic changes and remember that there are better alternatives than just job-hopping! Do your own inner work and set yourself free to live a true freedom lifestyle.  With a little bit of thoughtfulness and creativity, you can find ways to reduce stress levels without having to leave your current company entirely. After all, sometimes staying put can be beneficial too!

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