My Personal Weight Loss Journey

Today I thought I'd get up close and personal with you and share a little bit about my weight loss journey.

About 15 years ago, I experienced some trauma in my life. In my attempt to cope with the trauma I would put things in a little box and push them to one side, then pretend they didn't happen, because then I didn't have to deal with them. 

With this particular event though, I didn't have a choice. I had to deal with it and the overwhelming sense of emotions in created. I experienced sadness and hurt and humiliation and embarrassment and shame and guilt. A whole plethora of emotions, just bubbled up to the top.

And instead of seeking support to deal with those things, I tried to push them down, ignore them, but I couldn't really ignore them. So instead I started to “eat my emotions”. When I experienced sadness, I might eat a chocolate bar. When I experienced humiliation or guilt or shame, I might have a cake or a cookie. And though it's okay if you do that...

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